Frequency of Computer Vision Syndrome in Computer Users


  • Erum Shahid, Tasneem Burhany, Waseem Ahmed Siddique, Uzma Fasih, Arshad Shaikh



Purpose: To determinethe frequency of computer vision syndrome in computer users. Study Design: Cross sectional descriptive study

Place and Duration of Study: Departmentof Ophthalmology, AbbasiShaheed Hospital and Department of Community Medicine, Karachi Medical and Dental College from May 2015 to October 2015.

Material and Methods: Computer users who work on computers for 3 hours continuously per day or more, working for last 1 year or more, ages between 18 to 50 years were included by simple random sampling technique.Nonconsented subjects, diagnosed with neurological problems, diagnosed eye diseases and using any topical eye drops were excluded.

Results: Total of 150 subjects were recruited in which 120 (80%) were males and 30 (20%) females. Their age range was between 18 to 50 years with mean age of 32.9 ± 10.3. Computer vision syndrome was present in 75% of them. Headache was the most common symptom.

Conclusion: Computer vision syndrome is common in computer users of our community. Thesesymptoms can be avoided and relieved by simple modifications during computer use.

Key Words: Computer vision syndrome, computer users, Headache, eye strain.




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