A Survey of Patient Satisfaction with LASIK


  • Sharmeen Akram, Maheen Akhtar Saeed, Salim Mahar, Salman Naveed Khan, Fatima Naqvi




Purpose: To assess patient satisfaction following laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK). Study Design: Descriptive, cross-sectional study.

Place and Duration of Study: Laser vision Center, Karachi, from Jan 2012 to April 2016.

Material and Methods: All patients who underwent LAISK procedure in one or both eyes by two surgeons from Jan 2012 to April 2016 at a refractive center (Laser Vision) in Karachi and agreed to participate in the survey were included. These patients were surveyed telephonically to establish their degree of satisfaction with LASIK and to enquire about postoperative use of glasses, and symptoms of night vision problems and if they would recommend this procedure to others. Patient anonymity was assured. Descriptive statistics were calculated using SPSS version 19.

Results: A total of 52 people who had undergone LAISK procedure in one or both eyes were interviewed. 12 (23.1%) were males and 40 (76.9%) were females. Their mean age was 29.83 ± 5.14 years. In our survey, the overall spectacle independence for distance was 90.4%. Visual disturbance was reported by 19.2% of participants. The satisfaction level of patients post Lasik was 86.5%.

Conclusion: Our results are comparable to worldwide studies, which also show a high post- Lasik patient satisfaction.

Key words: LASIK, patient satisfaction, spectacle independence, surveys




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