Visual Outcome and Complications of Manual Sutureless Small Incision Cataract Surgery


  • Muhammad Tariq Khan, Sanaullah Jan, Zakir Hussain, Samina Karim, Muhammad Kamran Khalid, Lal Mohammad



Purpose: To determine the surgically induced astigmatism and complications of manual sutureless small incision cataract surgery (SICS).

Material and Methods: The study was conducted in the Department of Ophthalmology, Khyber Institute of Ophthalmic Medical Sciences (KIOMS), Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI), Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC), Peshawar. In this study evaluation of 150 eyes of 134 patients were included in this study. Cataract surgery was performed in all cases by manual sutureless small incision technique. Patients were thoroughly examined and visual acuity & keratometry were recorded pre-operatively and at follow-up visits. The type and amount of astigmatism were calculated from the keratometry readings. Any complications found during surgery or on follow up visits were also recorded.

Results: Final best-corrected visual acuity 6-months post-operatively was ? 6/18 in 86.8 % of cases as compared to pre-operative VA (? 6/60) in 82% of eyes. Astigmatism was noted to be significant or high in 50 % cases. This study proved that course of time has no significant effect on the final amount of postop astigmatism in eyes operated by manual SICS. Other complications included hyphema noted in 17 (11.3 %) cases, posterior capsule rupture in 5 (3.3 %) cases, endophthalmitis in 2 cases (1.3 %) at 1st post-op day. Third case, who had developed panophthalmitis presented 1-week post-operatively and affected eye was eventually eviscerated.

Conclusions: Manual SICS is a safe and effective procedure with rapid visual rehabilitation. The amount of post-operative astigmatism was high in significant number of cases. The final best-corrected visual outcome was good in most of cases.




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