Correlation between Central Corneal Thickness and Intraocular Pressure: A Cross Sectional Study

Doi: 10.36351/pjo.v39i2.1555


  • Ivana Beatrice Alberta
  • Titiek Ernawati
  • Rofiqi Rofiq



Purpose:  To find out correlation between Central Corneal Thickness (CCT) and Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP).

Study Design:  Observational Correlational study.

Place and Duration of Study:  This study was conducted in Ophthalmology Clinic Primasatya Husada Citra Hospital Surabaya from September 2021 to October 2021.

Methods:  One hundred and fifteen subjects were selected through consecutive sampling. Patients of 20-60 years age and visiting ophthalmology clinic were included. Patients with history of glaucoma, hypertension, body mass index (BMI) above 30 kg/m2, under steroid treatment (topical, systemic, peri ocular, inhalation), undergone eye surgery including corneal and refractive surgery,  smoker (> 100 cigarettes in his/her life and is still smoking), Alcoholic (> 1 time/month), chronic kidney disease (CKD) and myopia (> 6 diopters) were excluded. Association between CCT and IOP was calculated using Pearson's correlation coefficient.

Results:  A total 115 patients were included, 69 (60%) females and 46 (40.0%) males. Mean age was 35.78 ± 11.64 years old. Mean CCT was 550.26 ± 31.66 µm and 551.43 ± 34.92 µm for right and left eye respectively. IOP was 16.06 ± 3.71 mmHg and 15.76 ± 3.52 mmHg in right and left eyes respectively. There was a moderate positive relationship of CCT and IOP. There was a good relationship between right and left “IOP (R = 0.830, p = 0.000) and CCT (R = 0.856, p = 0.000).”

Conclusion:  CCT had a moderate positive correlation with IOP (right eyes: R = 0.355, p = 0.000; left eyes: R = 0.381, P = 0.000). There is a positive relationship between CCT and IOP in both eyes (p = 0.000).




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