Cataract in Professionals Exposed to Solar Radiation: A Cross Sectional Study



  • Mauro Salducci
  • Maria Vittoria Manai
  • Giuseppe LA Torre



Purpose:  To find out frequency of cataract in seaside workers and possible factors associated to its development.

Study Design:  Cross sectional observational.

Place and Duration of Study:  Tyrrhenian coast of Tuscany (Italy), between Rosignano Marittimo and Cecina municipalities in July 2021.

Methods:  Ninety-eight seaside workers were selected through convenience sampling technique. All the working subjects selected for this study had a bilateral natural vision equal to or greater than 6/10 in the anamnestic data collection, declared they had not eye diseases in the past and rarely used protective glasses during their work.

Results:  The mean age of 98 outdoor workers is 40. Patients with the cataract are older than people without cataract (median 41 vs 38) (p < 0.001) and have a lower visual acuity (0.6 vs 0.7) (p < 0.001); stratifying by job, refraction state and Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP), there aren’t significant association with cataract. The multivariate analysis confirms that age and visual acuity are associated with the development of the cataract (OR 1.99 and 0.01, respectively).

Conclusion:  Although senile cataract is an age related disease but Visually significant cataract is seen in persons working outdoors for longer hours.







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