Fibrin Glue Versus Autologous Serum for Conjunctival Autograft Fixation in Pterygium Surgery

  • Abdul Rafe
  • Saquib Naeem
  • Tariq Munawar
Keywords: Conjunctival autograft, Pterygium, Autologous serum, Fibrin glue.


Purpose:  To compare the outcomes of conjunctival autograft fixation using autologous serum vs fibrin glue to cover the bare sclera in pterygium excision surgery.

Study Design:  Quasi experimental study.

Place and Duration of Study:  The study was conducted in Ophthalmology Department of CMH Kharian from April 2018 to November 2018.

Material and Methods:  Forty patients with primary pterygium were selected by convenient sampling technique. Patients with recurrent Pterygia and moderate to severe dry eyes, keratitis or secondary to trauma were excluded. The patients were divided into two groups, group A treated with fibrin glue and group B treated with autologous serum technique. All patients underwent pterygium excision under topical anaesthesia. The conjunctival autograft was removed from superior temporal bulbar conjunctiva to cover the scleral bed produced by pterygium excision. Post operatively the patients were followed-up for three months to assess the fixation or otherwise. Data was noted and analysed by using SPSS version 23.

Results:  The graft was taken-up nicely in most of the cases. The patients were followed up for three months after surgery. The frequency of graft lost in Group A and Group B was noted as n = 8 (40%) and n = 1 (5%), respectively (p = 0.008). The only other complication was recurrence of pterygium which was n = 5 (25%) and
n = 3 (15%), in Group A and Group B, respectively (p = 0.429). No case of infection was noted.

Conclusion:  Fixation of conjunctival autograft with autologous serum is a safe and effective method and potential alternative of fibrin glue technique.

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